University of Michigan

alpha Kappa Delta Phi


We are the Lambda Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is an Asian interest sorority whose pillars focus on scholarship, leadership, sisterhood, and a philanthropy of breast cancer awareness. With over 50 chapters, we are the largest and fastest growing Asian interest sorority on the country.

Our Executive Board

Joyce *JOLYNN* Li


Shion *Arietta* Kim

VP Internal

Ciara *Anastasia* Timban

VP External

Kendal *elara* Choe

VP Service

Angela *Serafina* Yoon

VP Communications
Sisterhood Chair

Lilly *Marvel* Xia

VP Finance

Our Minor Board

Chloe *astra* Velasquez

Co-Rush Chair

Theresa *bubbles* Pham

Co-Rush Chair

Bethari *kairos* Kamarga

Co-Rush Chair

Olive *aetterna* Yie

Co-Performance Chair

Ashley *Scarlet* Zhang

Co-Performance Chair

Carolyn *halo* Wang

Academics Chair

Amy *Saint* Lin

Co-Fundraising Chair

Carol *crème brûlée* Zhang

Co-Fundraising Chair

Eliana *arria* Finkelstein

Reveal Coordinator
Social Chair

Jennifer *Jeé ne sais quoi* Chen

Reveal Coordinator

Allyssa *Idalia* Boes

Alumnae Chair
Social Media Chair

Ziv *Khaleesi* Wang

Publicity Chair

Jasmine *Eve* Kim


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